12th January 2016

Why and what

Bristol has a big problem

Cyclists1Bristol is now the second most congested city in the UK and pollution kills nearly 200 people a year. Yet in the last 3 years just 1 km of truly protected cycleway has been built.  Something has to be done or there will be gridlock and more pollution.  By getting more people out of their cars and onto bikes will result in less congestion, less pollution, increase business for local retailers and save the city money.

‘Cycle infrastructure in Bristol is poor quality and disjointed. Most are just footpaths, many are unsafe to ride on and cyclists are always lowest priority at junctions’.

good cycleway

Bike Life survey  shows that in Bristol – 8 in 10 people support increasing the safety of cycling –more than any other way of getting around the city
7 in 10 people want to see more spent on safer cycling infrastructure

In Jan 650 people completed a survey cycle and these are the key things people said they want;

A continuous bike network in Bristol – that’s got to be a basic requirement
Segregated, protected bike paths
Bike lanes that don’t just stop – are joined up and to useful destinations
NO parking on cycle lanes
Separate areas for pedestrians and cyclists and where there is ‘shared space’ there is obvious physical segregation.
Open up more green areas to cycling, eg Downs
Better enforcement of 20 mph zones
Better maintained bike lanes 

The six key Space4Cycling measures

Which will make it safer for current cyclists, encourage more people to cycle – reducing congestion and making neighbourhoods safe and inviting for everyone to cycle or walk. Measures like these have worked in other cities and towns all over the world from New York to London. Read more about these categories, and how these might benefit your local area.

PROTECTED SPACE – lots of high quality, protected, continuous, cycle lanes, separated from pedestrians.

TRAFFIC-FREE ROUTES open up more green areas for cycling

SAFE ROUTES TO SCHOOL so that children are able to cycle to school safely.

REDUCED THROUGH-TRAFFIC on residential streets

PEOPLE-FRIENDLY CENTRES – prioritising walking, cycling and public transport, with protected cycle parking and where walkers and cyclists have to ‘share space’ there is clear visible, physical separation.

LOWER TRAFFIC SPEEDS – greater enforcement of 20mph

They help make our neighbourhoods more pleasant and prosperous places for everyone – more cyclists results in more business for local shops as its easier and quicker to hop off a bike than find a car park!

Our key aim is to guarantee safe space for cycling for Bristolians of all ages and abilities.